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Searching is important, but Finding is what matters.

MAXAMINE's breakthrough FindMAX solution gives you an objective assessment of your search performance with tangible actions to improve results. We are currently accepting subscriptions for a complementary demonstration of the service. Subscribe now for your demonstration of FindMAX.

Whether for organic or enterprise search, FindMAX puts you in control.

Search Performance Measurement

Successful enhancement of search performance requires objective measurement of search results.

Enabled by the MAXbotTM advanced scanning agent, FindMAX indexes all content associated with a website, not just an arbitrary subset. It captures pages, links, meta data, scripts, along with documents and properties of PDF, Word, and PowerPoint. FindMAX then identifies likely keywords through proprietary word density analyses. These keywords are then entered into your search fields, and the resulting set of URLs are compared to the actual set associated with the underlying keywords. FindMAX spotlights relevant content missing from your index, while also flagging content that should not be included.

Search Performance Tuning

FindMAX offers unprecedented searchability metrics to significantly improve both internal and external search performance, including:

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